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Andrew's '73 Stroppe Baja Bronco

Here's the Baja we bought last July. Believe it or not this is the first Baja Bronco I ever saw. I was 16 and cruising neighborhoods for the very purpose of finding an old Bronco. I rounded a corner and here was this Bronco with a neat orange, white, and blue paintjob. I saw the original fender decal and was off to the library to do some research on my latest fixation: A Stroppe Bronco!

That's what started my love of the Baja Broncos. I often visited this Bronco but never stopped to talk to the owner. The owner moved and I lost track of it for a couple years. A friend who was going to school in San Luis Obispo reported seeing it on campus all the time. Another couple years passed and I saw it back in town but no one in the surrounding houses could tell me who the owner was. Then finally in the summer of 2000, I got an email from a Baja owner looking to sell their truck that they had owned for nearly 22 years. It turned out to be this one I had been searching for. I flew to Arizona to buy it and now it is back in it's home town and lives at my house....4 miles from it's original dealer! More info later.

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