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Baja Bronco Equipment 1973-75

Standard (Phase I Pkg.)
Double shocks and shock mounts (front & rear)
Rear fender flares
8.5" X 15" Mags or Painted steel rims
Gates Commando XT tires (9.15 to 10 X 15)
Front bumper braces
Rear trailer hitch
Deluxe roll bar
Baja spare tire cover
Rubberized steeering wheel
Front fender flange trim (modified wheel opening)
Baja Bronco nameplates
High performance engine packages
Detroit lockers
Competition seatbelts and shoulder harness
Cibie driving lights
"Cactus Smasher" Pushbar
Bronco Middle seat
Custom rollcage
4-speed transmission
Bronco Wagon Sliding Side Windows
Air conditioning

This is the interior of my Bronco which was specially ordered with competition seat belts and shoulder harnesses. They are Simpson belts dated 1973. Note the Stroppe middle seat.

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