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Leftovers and more

Here are some items I'm selling to help fund my restoration. I have alot of other parts not listed here, so if you are looking for something in particular, please, just email me. Thanks!
First item: Seat frame - good buildable frame for a rear seat in your Bronco - 45.00

Complete DUFF bodymount kit new in the package: 65.00 plus shipping. 4 degree bushings, set of 4, blue Duff, 20.00 plus shipping.

Hey, this is cool. A NOS Ertl Olympia Beer Tractor Trailer. I had a John Deere Parts Express truck nearly identical as a kid. I got this with the Big Oly reference in my mind, but I don't have space for it and my nephew keeps wanting to start a convoy with it. If I can't get 35.00 for it, my nephew will become a trucker.

Looking for something else Baja? Bumper braces, ...four Gates Commandos? Here's a partial list of some other stuff I have tucked away:

Farm Latch(for tire rack): $70.00
Tuffy Console(used older model, with key): $100.00

Looking for something else? Just email me!

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