Andrew's FiVolvo

Here is my 87 740 GLE. My folks bought this car in 1987 and did the European Delivery thing. We drove it for 3 months over there and brought it back tax free. My Mom drove it most of it's life until it was handed over to me. One day, I loaned it out and it came back on the hook. Basicly, the car had overheated due to a leak somewhere in the cooling system. When I got the car back to my house, just about everything plastic or rubber had been melted from the high heat that had been generated by total coolant loss. At any rate, rather than spend a ton on a rebuilt Volvo motor AND all the melted pieces you don't normally replace: timing cover, valve cover, I figured I'd do something I'd always dreamed of and install the 5.0 V-8. The car had always wanted more power since living with Mustangs and Broncos for the past 10 years anyway; it was about time.

About 6k later, it is now running and driving with a 5.0/t-5 combination from a '91 Mustang GT. All stock except for an E303 camshaft and Ford Racing stainless headers. I also installed IPD swaybars, coils, and and gas shocks. Conversion is a basic Converse Engineering kit, but I used a Spal Fan, Flexalite switch, Autometer Temp gauge, and some other details to fill in the holes. Contact Andrew